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Should I be shoving these rivers for maximum value?

I’m getting the impression that I should be overbetting these spots given how quick people at these stakes are snapping off bets I would consider folding to on the river.All these hands are taken from micro stakes MTTS on a soft site, so the player pool seem to hate folding rivers even when the dynamic of the board clearly indicates nut advantages and what have you. Here are some examples, looking for feedback on bet sizing and extracting value in these spots when we know we’re good.Here are some examples of the hands where i think i might be missing value.60/120Dealt to Thorneberry (90bb) [Ah 3h]PhillJupitus foldsbenladal foldsDarkenergy08 foldsbounceback foldsBella666 calls 1bblocitia5 (43bb) calls 1bbpapyRWDM calls 1bbThorneberry checks*** Flop *** [Ac As Jc]papyRWDM checksThorneberry checksBella666 checkslocitia5 bets 4bbpapyRWDM foldsThorneberry calls 4bbBella666 folds*** Turn *** [Ac As Jc] [9s]Thorneberry checkslocitia5 bets 9bbThorneberry calls 9bb*** River *** [Ac As Jc] [9s] [3c]Thorneberry bets 24bblocitia5 calls 24bb*** Showdown ***locitia5 shows [Ad 2h], Three of a kind, AcesThorneberry shows [Ah 3h], Full HouseHere I know the dude, probably has an ace (didn’t imagine it could possibly be a worse one lol), the plan was actually to bluff a club on the river to see if we can get better ace to fold, as I play my flushes the same as this line, but the club is THE club and I’m worried blasting it will get dude to fold. Reckon I lost a little value here?Dealt to Thorneberry (90bb) [Jd Ad]*** Preflop ***benladal foldsDarkenergy08 foldsbounceback raises 3bbBella666 (65bb) calls 3bblocitia5 foldspapyRWDM foldsThorneberry calls 3bbPhillJupitus folds*** Flop *** [8d Kh Qd]Thorneberry checksbounceback bets 3bbBella666 calls 3bbThorneberry calls 3bb*** Turn *** [8d Kh Qd] [5d]Thorneberry checksbounceback checksBella666 bets 1bbThorneberry calls 1bbbounceback folds*** River *** [8d Kh Qd] [5d] [As]Thorneberry bets 25bbBella666 calls 25bb*** Showdown ***Bella666 shows [Kc 5s], Two pairs, Kings upHere I’m hoping ace connects with villain maybe they hit two pair. Again, should I just jam?(btw, dont really think I need to hide usernames, the site I use you can change them all the time so reckon it’s probably fine to leave as is)

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