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Thinking of going back to my bar free roll tournaments

I work full-time as a grocery store manager and have yet to have anyone around me get a positive test back. I’m actually really happy about that because every day I hear about entire stores having to close for a few days because someone got a positive test and the whole store had to quarantine.Before the pandemic, I played in a bar cash free roll league and would sometimes travel cross-state to Cherokee and hit up some small buy-in tourneys if I had a few days off.I really miss playing poker in person and today my league’s newsletter came out saying the league was struggling to keep their deals with the bars they are hosted in because of low turnout. So out of a mix of loyalty, boredom, and eagerness to play live cards again, I told my league director I would probably stop in tonight to play.My question to you guys and gals is- is it worth the risk to play in person? It’s a bar after all even if the bar is doing a quarter of what it used to do in sales so there’s not that many people there. Have you played live since the pandemic started?Note: this is not a post about the pandemic itself. It’s a thing. Coronavirus isn’t a hoax and masks save lives. I’m strictly asking if I’m an asshole for wanting to go play in person or if the risks aren’t worth it.

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