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Is this fold just fold just way too tight?

Playing a home game that occurs at least twice a week so everyone knows each others games very well. Villain in this hand is easily in the top 2 most profitable regular players at the game along with myself and I would classify him as TAG.I’m the big blind and he’s sitting directly to my right on the small blind. He 3 bets pre about 4bb which has become the standard 3 bet size in this game. I call with Ace 8 of spades and two other callers go as well. Flop comes 9 10 3 with 2 spades. Villain leads out for 6bb and I’m the only caller. Turn comes 9 of spades and my flush gets there but the board is paired and I’m not too worried about any of his holdings besides maybe pocket 10’s. Villain keeps pressure on by betting another 6bbs and since my flush just got there I opt to raise him another 10bbs on top of that. River is a gross card to see it’s another 9 and I know my ace high flush is crushed by any pair. Villain rips it all in for 18 more bb’s I have him covered by a lot. At this point there’s 44bbs in the pot and I tank for a while. I elect on laying down the ace high flush because I ultimately put him on some sort of pair 10s and up. Is this fold just entirely too tight given how much I had in the pot? I think calling here is ultimately -ev because I’m putting him on a pair most of the time.

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