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honestly, I don’t know whos in the wrong. I played on party poker for a while didn’t really make anything which I was ok with but then they asked for verification, bear in mind at the time I couldn’t really verify where I was living for some other stupid reasons, anyway, I ignored the verification and just made another account( which I know I’m completely in the wrong for ), I did not mean to use it in any bad way, just wanted to keep playing. and I did and I made around 1100 dollars including what I went in with. next morning I get the emails saying you can’t have 2 accounts and they have to remove my account, so I was like okay but what about my money. they said we have to bank transfer it to you. gladly I gave them the info and waited. a week goes by, “where is my money party poker” “they said sometimes it takes 10 days” so I wait but nothing arrives, so for every day I would ask them and they would ask me for bank statements and proof from bank that I didn’t get the money, this took another 10 days, finally they decide to trace and recall the money which took another 10 days. now its been a month and they finally get the money.what’s next I asked them, they said to send the bank info again, I made sure every single detail was correct this time and exactly the same same thing happened, money won’t arrive!!!!, bear in mind this never ever happened with PokerStars or 888poker. now I’m In the middle of the whole thing again trying to get them to trace and recall my money but they are so difficult to work with!!!! and they refuse to use any other method of withdrawing for my “specific case” apparently, I’m begging them to use Paypal or anything else but they won’t.their live chat is the most fucking dumb bunch out there, they don’t know shit about what happening to you and whenever they can’t help you they say they will escalate to the relevant department. like for fucks sake can I speak to the relevant department then ?!!! every email is the same basic bullshit script, they never answer my questions.oh, and the cherry on top was when i tried to get them to escalate my case I told them “please find my money I need it for my rent and tuition” and so they used their FUCKING responsible gaming rules to ban me because now apparently I’m gambling with rent. SO NOW I HAVE NO ACCOUNTS AND MONEY LOST. I don’t know where the money will go back to when they recall it since I have no poker account with them anymore.IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT THE NEXT STEP IS AFTER 2 FAILED BANK TRANSFERS PLEASE HELP ME. IT HAS BEEN 5 WEEKS, 5 FUCKING WEEKS. I FEAR I HAVE NO WAY OF GETTING MY MONEY AND THEY WILL JUST KEEP IT.

คาสิโน มือถือ
คาสิโน ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ
ไลน์ คาสิโน
คาสิโน sagame350
คาสิโน ออนไลน์ ได้เงินจริงฟรีเครดิต

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