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NL2 6max flopping top pair with AKo against aggression

Hero is UTG +1, 6max NL2Pre Flop: (pot: 0.03$) Hero has AdKsHero bets 0.06$, BTN raises to 0.21$, Hero calls, heads up to flopFlop: (0.45$, 2 players) 3d 10s AcHero checks, BTN bets 0.02$, Hero raises to 0.27$, BTN callsTurn: (0.99$, 2 players) 6cHero checks, BTN bets 0.47$, Hero callsRiver: (1.93$, 2 players) 9cHero checks, BTN bets 1.30$ and is all in, Hero calls–So this is NL2 6max, BTN has just joined table and I have no info on this player.My thinking on the flop is that the tiny minraise lots of times means weakness but can also be a trap to entice a raise sometimes but I’ve flopped top pair so I bet around half pot.When he calls, I’m going into check/call mode to try to not play such a large pot as I can’t imagine he’s calling here without an Ace or a large pocket pair that he can’t let go of. Since he 3bet preflop, I put him on 1010, QQ+, AK, maybe AQ sometimes. I check the turn and he bets half-pot and I call. At this point, alarm bells are ringing but I still think at this level it’s possible that a lot of hands I’m beating can play this way, QQ, KK, AQ, chopping with another AK maybe etc. I don’t think a flush draw plays this way so I’m discounting that.I check the river and he shoves. I call.I can’t really see how I can get away from this hand. Does anyone have some insight into how they might think about this spot or how they might play this hand differently in any spot? Trying to improve so very happy to hear criticism on my thought process or play.PokerCruncher tells me I have about 63% equity with AK against the range I’ve assigned (QQ+, AK, AQ, 1010) in this spot. If I assign a range more like AA, AK, AQs, 1010, I have more like 40% equity. I think with the odds I’m getting it’s close to borderline to call anyway but heavily dependent on what range I put my opponent on. Maybe even at this level, including hands like QQ, KK in his range is a bit of a stretch on this board with his play? Although I’ve seen much worse at NL2 haha!

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